November Demo

by The Everlasting Praise



An acoustic demo of 5-tracks on the theme of impermanence recorded in autumn 2011


released November 11, 2011

Guitar & Vocals - Ethan Race
Violin - Gabriel Merryfield



all rights reserved


The Everlasting Praise London, UK

The Everlasting Praise are an acoustic post-rock outlet from the south of Scotland.

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Track Name: Green Tea Box
Who was I, in the past?
Before I realised nothing lasts
We knew each other better than anyone
And now I'm just another

Just another friend
Just another
I can't believe it
That what is now is not what was then

Oh I'm so scared
I don't know who I am
Cos everything changes
It's so sad
But so beautiful
That I am
At all

I can't believe it

I can't believe it

I can't believe it
That it is over
And your gone

I can't believe it
That things changed
And you moved on

I still want to know you
I still want to be there for you
I still want to love you
Under the sun

And I wanted to tell you
I wanted to show you
That I love you
With this song
Track Name: On the Shore
Always you go
Always, slowly
Then I catch up fast
Wait for me

Always you come
Always I run
Then you catch up fast
To take me in your
Loving arms
Take me

Take me to your breast
Free from death:
The female

Lets go be
Over there
Be together
On the shore
You wrote me a letter
On a heart
Friendship is forever
It said

Amongst the turbines
You were there
Under a blanket
That we shared
My thin face faded
In awe
Our love faded
On the shore
Forever more
Track Name: Like a Leaf Falling
A leaf falls and a rock will stay but they
Both come and they go
Everything fades, fades away
It comes and it goes x 2

It comes and goes x 3

Clothes tear and toys will break
We grow old and our beauty deteriorates
Everything fades, fades away
It changes everyday x 2

It comes and goes x 6

Like a leaf falling
A stone crumbles
We fade away
We fade away
We fade away...
Track Name: Life Giving Song
The trace of her, in the bathroom
And her smell

The trace of her

The trace of her, in the bathroom
On the toilet, her blood
O it comes from you
Into this world
Like a life giving song
You, me, and it are one

We're one.

The taste of her, in the bedroom
O her gentle lips, from which
Comes her spoken word
Into this world
Filtered through a gentle heart
May you and me never be apart

Lets be one
Track Name: Taken
When things are but a dream
How are we supposed to dream?
When the waves reach our home
I'll call out: taken

Keep rowing, my closest friends,
We've passed the beacon, now onto the end
Ask the boat man, if we'll awake…again
So I can whisper in your ear, good morning

Good morning x 2

Open the curtains
Let the light in
O its clearer now;
Your face x 2